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Veda consciousness camp at DAV School

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Baharagora, March 25: A two day Vaidik Chetna Shivir (Veda Consciousness Camp) was organized at TPS DAV Public School in Baharagora where students were made to understand the values of mantras and their pronunciations, the purpose and procedures of Havan (holy fire) and the positive role played by the preaching of the Vedas in developing character.

The two day camp was inaugurated by the chief guests Dr Ashim Mishra and Chandrakant Rathore with the lighting of the traditional lamp. School principal Anup Kumar welcomed the guests with flower bouquets. In his welcome address, Anup Kumar stressed that the success of education lay in character building and this was possible through Vaidic form of education. �Vedic teaching and good character ensures completeness of education,� he said.

Lecturer and religious teacher from Mahishadal Raj College Dr Ashim Mishra explained the importance of proper pronunciation and recitation of mantras, the importance of havan and the greatness of the teachings of the Vedas on the Indian traditional and cultural horizons.

The West Bengal in-charge of Patanjali Yog Peeth, Chandrakant Rathore urged the students to adopt yoga practice as a routine in daily life to remain healthy.

The camp was conducted by the chief guests and was attended by all teachers and students of the school.

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