Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Poddar Vaishya Kalyan Samiti executive body formed

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Jamshedpur, March 25: A Holi Milan get-together of Poddar Vaishya Kalyan Samiti was organized today at Poddar Bhawan on Tank Road in Mango. Old and new members got-together and applied coloured tilak on each other�s foreheads as a symbolic gesture of togetherness and wellbeing. The long-slumbering organization returned to life and members pledged to work with panache and rekindle confidence in the community.

It was unanimously decided in the meeting to change the organization�s name from Jamshedpur Vaishya Poddar Kalyan Samiti to Poddar Vaishya Kalyan Samiti, Kolhan Division. It was also decided unanimously to restructure the committee. The new committee will comprise Shankar Poddar, Mahesh Poddar, Ram Lakhan Poddar, Ram Sushil Poddar, Ramanuj Poddar, Suresh Poddar, Maheshanand Poddar and Dayanand Poddar (patrons); Nand Kishore Poddar (adviser); Arun Poddar (president), Radhey Krishna Poddar, Ram Udgar Poddar (vice presidents), Srikant Dev (general secretary), Umesh Poddar, Abhishek Gandhi (assistant general secretary), Dilip Poddar (PRO), Nand Kishore Poddar (treasurer), Rajiv Ranjan Poddar (assistant treasurer). The executive committee members comprise Krishna Kant Poddar, Sanjiv Poddar, Manoj Poddar, Ashok Kumar Poddar, Arvind Poddar, Vikas Kumar Poddar, Manoj Poddar, Santosh Poddar, Amit Poddar, Mukesh Poddar and Lalan Poddar.

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