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Upendra Singh murder case: Lawyers on strike, demand better security

Jamshedpur, Dec.2: More than 30,000 lawyers of the state observed a pen-down strike on Friday in response to a call given by Jharkhand State Bar Council to press the demand for better security arrangement in various courts, including Jamshedpur in view of the Wednesday firing incident at the Jamshedpur District Bar Association building.

Murder case accused and contractor-cum-transporter Upendra Singh was shot dead in the firing incident. Two shooters were arrested from the scene with arms.

Around 2000 members of Jamshedpur Bar Association remained away from work for the second consecutive day today as they stayed away from legal work to protest the shootout incident at the bar building under Sitaramdera PS on Wednesday afternoon.

R N Das, president, District Bar Association (DBA), Jamshedpur, said the lawyers continued the strike today as they supported the call given by the State Bar Council president Rajiv Ranjan Pandey.

“Our State body has expressed concerns so we have decided to observe strike. We have made the District and Sessions Judge of Jamshedpur BB Mangalmurti aware about our strike today,” said Das.

The DBA president noted they have no choice but to raise voice for safety. The litigants and their clients must have been facing inconvenience due to the strike.

“The safety and security of the lawyers in the bar association building is important. Today we are on strike because we have to express our solidarity with the Jharkhand State Bar Council in pressing the administration for providing better security to the lawyers’ fraternity,” said Das, a senior advocate.

Das, when asked, said though the lawyers were seeking extra security from the police and administration, but the lawyers’ fraternity has some responsibility in keeping the civil court premises free from criminal elements.

“We are planning to ensure that the lawyers will not remain in the bar building after 7 pm. Moreover, whoever will come between 5 am till 7 pm, he or she must be checked properly before being allowed to enter into the civil court premises,” said the DBA president.

He informed that the administration has promised to set up a Thana Out-Post (TOP) in the civil court premises and once it is set up, the police will keep a close eye on the security on the court premises.

Another official of the DBA demanded that the local police should also carry on surprise inspection at the court premises after 5 pm.

Meanwhile, though today also most of the lawyers came to the civil court premises, but did not go to the chamber at the Bar association building and instead remained outside the bar building in groups.

On the other hand, several litigants were disappointed as they had to return without getting chance to appear in the court.

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