Saturday, December 2, 2023

Union silent on Tata Motors Jamshedpur VRS decision 

Jamshedpur, November 11: Tata Motors management has announced Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) for employees above 50 years of age at the Jamshedpur plant.

VRS is being called a profitable deal for the employees by the management, whereas the announcement of VRS is creating panic among the employees. Employees fear that initially it is voluntary, but if the targets set by the management are not met, pressure is put on the employees.

The most surprising thing is that Tata Motors Workers Union is silent on the announcement of VRS scheme by the management.

In this regard, Harshvardhan and Akash Dubey of Telco Workers Union have expressed objection to VRS. They said that the production in the company is good, the company is earning profit by covering the losses, the work order is also so much that to complete it, the workers are being made to work till late night then what is the rationalisation of VRS.

It appears that this step is being taken to compensate for the pressure created by the Jharkhand High Court to implement the decision of the Bombay High Court in the Jamshedpur plant also. The company aims to replace 1500 old employees and make 3000 permanent for the same amount.

Harsh Vardhan said that old employees will have to bear the loss of permanentisation. The result of the weak bargaining capacity of the present union is that the company is talking about reducing employment instead of providing employment.

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