Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Tusu causes loss to Adityapur industries as labour crisis hits production

Jamshedpur, Jan. 18 : The popular Tusu and Makar Sankranti festival is an occasion for celebration for the large section of the people in the state but for the Adityapur based industrialists its tough time to cope with.

The labour intensive small scale units (SSI’s) in the Asia’s leading industrial hub are confronting acute shortage of the workers owing to the Tusu and Makar Sankranti festival. About 80 percent of the workforce in the industrial area is on leave for celebrating the state’s most popular festival.

“The tendency is such that even if we lure them with fiscal incentives to check the workforce deficit they won’t listen to us,” said Saurabh Chaudhary, proprietor of Vikasu Energy.

The popular trend is that workers of the 1000 odd small and medium scale companies go on leave for about a week and this period causes enough problem to the companies vis-à-vis production.

“The work orders are at the peak and we need to run the company in three shifts…just imagine the kind of problem we are confronting owing to the workforce deficit,” said S N Thakur, former president, Adityapur Small Industries Association, (ASIA).

According to the conservative estimate the industries particularly the small and medium scale units are likely to incur a production loss of Rs 100 crore owing to the trimmed production.

“By conservative estimate I would say the companies would suffer a production loss of about Rs 100 crore and I tell you I am not including the names of the relatively big companies like Usha Martin and TGS,” said a senior functionary of ASIA.

The companies operating in the jurisdiction of the Adityapur Industrial Area Development Authority, (AIADA) observes workers largely from the fringe areas of the Seraikela district so therefore during the festival season especially during the Tusu festival majority of the workers go home to be with their families and enjoy the celebration.

“They (workers) work for petty salaries throughout the year and if they go home for celebration once in 12 months what’s so big about it I would say the companies should rather give them bonus money to add icing to the cake during the festival,” said a BJP activist.

It may be noted that the sprawling Adityapur Industrial Area houses over 1200 units- including 11 large-scale, 64 small scale and 166 tiny industries. A few important industries that has global presence are Usha Martin Group, RSB Group, Tata Steel Growth Shop(TGS) etc., too situated in this industrial belt, situated in Seraikela-Kharsawan. There are 20 industries, which export its products to the USA, Australia and other European countries.

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