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Jamshedpur records 7.2 degree Celsius for second consecutive day

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Jamshedpur, Jan. 18 : For the second consecutive day today Jamshedpur recorded 7.2 degree Celsius. Today’s reading was 4.5 notches below normal in steel city. Minimum readings hovered below six degree Celsius in Hazaribagh, Koderma and several other places in western and central Jharkhand.

Weathermen at Ranchi Meteorological Centre, however, hinted at change in wind pattern around January 23. “As per analysis wind pattern in upper and mid-troposphere level is expected to change to south westerly from the current north-westerly around January 23 due to the impact of a western disturbance passing through norther parts of the country. It will result in formation of early morning fog and cloud patches in isolated places,” said S. C. Mandal, a senior official at Ranchi Meteorological Centre.

Weathermen said Jharkhand is in the grip of a cold wave which made a rerun and that the weather was likely to remain more or less similar in the next 48-hours or so.
Ramesh Kumar a Tata Steel employee residing at Kaveri road, Sakchi isa regular morning walker who prefers to wake at 5 am and leave for hisdaily walk at 6 am. From January onwards, the time has been extended to 7:30 am or 8 am because it is still dark at 5 am and the chill doesnot allow him to get out of the blanket.
“I have never missed my morning walk but these days I get late untilthe sun gets brighter. Waking at 5 am when it is still dark does notmake sense so the time has been delayed. One effect which it has thatthe walk has to be shorter now because I get ready for office too,”said Kumar.

Housewives are the most affected from the chill as they without anyoption have to work for their families. Many are happy that theschools are closed now and by the time it re-opens, they wish that thetemperature increases. Still they get late now and complete their workas soon as possible in the evening so that children can go to bedearly.

“I generally wake up at 4:30 am but it is 6:30 am now. I prefer takingbath as soon as possible but now I wait till 7:30 am so that I canstand in the sun for sometime. If we have a party or if we prefergoing to restaurants, we reach soon at about 7:30 and try to come backby 9:30 pm,” said a resident of Sakchi.

“Since dry icy continental winds are dominating the skies and moisturecontent is very low in the atmosphere. However the temperature willfall in coming days,” said an official.

The officials said that similar conditions will continue to prevail inthe city in the coming days. The poor people on the streets have beenthe worst hit by the cold wave. Footpath dwellers and poor were seencluster around bonfires lit from dry woods, used tyres and evengarbage to beat the cold.

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