Thursday, December 7, 2023

Tribal Munda Community gathers for Samvad Program in Kolhan

Jamshedpur: The Tribal Munda Samaj Central Committee is set to host a Samvad program on Sunday at the Tribal Association Hall in Sitaramdera. The committee has finalized its preparations for the event, expecting the participation of numerous officials and seniors from various districts across Jharkhand.

The primary objective of this dialogue is to reinforce the customs and traditions of the Munda community within society, with a particular focus on raising awareness among the youth about their culture and heritage. The aim is to reject any negative practices that go against the social interests and traditions of the community, ensuring its continued existence.

Nandlal Patar, Chairman of the committee, highlighted that the dialogue will identify and involve Pahans (priests) in all rituals. Representatives from the Munda community residing in Chaibasa, Chakradharpur, Noamundi, Ghatshila, Potka, Ranchi, and Jamshedpur are expected to participate. The program is scheduled to commence at 10 am and conclude at 3 pm. During the dialogue, strategies will be devised to implement and uphold the rules, customs, and traditions of the Munda community in society.

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