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Tribal kids seek quality education at Kerala English Medium School, courtesy TSF


Noamundi, Nov 4: The tribal land of Noamundi in the West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand is home to several bright children for whom getting even nursery and primary education has been a distant reality. Quality education accelerates societal development and paves the way for a progressive tomorrow. To further this cause and to groom tribal youngsters from Noamundi and nearby villages, Tata Steel Foundation (TSF) has been sponsoring over 187 children to seek quality education at Kerala English Medium School.

Located in Jagannathpur from the West Singhbhum district, Kerala English Medium School has a well-equipped campus with hostel facility and a dedicated faculty and provides nursery and primary education. In an endeavor to provide quality education to tribal children, Tata Steel collaborated with this school in 2012 and enrolled its first batch of 27 tribal boys and girls. Laxmi Soren from Noamundi was one among these 27 students and is now studying in class 6th. Laxmi, who now speaks fluent English, says, “I aspire to become a nurse and help my community. I am grateful towards Tata Steel for counselling me and supporting me with my education.”

Over the last 8 years, Tata Steel Foundation has continuously been on the lookout for identifying young tribal children and sponsoring their studies. The 187 students sponsored so far come from 36 different villages around Noamundi and 3 villages from Jagannathpur. The sponsorship covers their tuition fees, hostel fees and other miscellaneous expenses incurred for buying stationary and school uniform.

Roya Soren from Noamundi is another bright young kid who is studying in 3rd standard at Kerala English Medium School. Roya, who is extremely ambitious, wants to become a doctor when he grows up. This sponsorship programme has provided a level playing field for the young generation and has cut through the economic and social barriers preventing anyone from getting quality education. Along with this, the aspirations of young kids like Laxmi and Roya have definitely laid the foundation of a brighter tomorrow for this tribal land.

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