Friday, September 22, 2023

Transgender person set on fire in Pakistan

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Islamabad, Jan 10 (IANS) A transgender person named Aqeel Ahmad was allegedly set ablaze in Islamabad for refusing to pay his extortionist, media reported.

In a letter to the Rawalpindi City police office, Aqeel’s brother Khalil Ahmad said the accused, Faisal, doused his brother with alcohol and set him on fire for not paying the extortion money on time, Dawn News reported.

Admitted at the Holy Family Hospital, Aqeel told Khalil that the accused works as an extortionist and allegedly has the protection of the area police. Aqeel also said that Faisal rushed him to the hospital to cover up his involvement in the incident.

Khalil in his letter said that the area police earlier refused to register Aqeel’s case.

“Instead, they forced my brother to sign and give his thumb impressions on a statement that says he caught fire when the stove in his kitchen burst,” Khalil said.

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