Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Traffic police tow away vehicles parked in No Parking zones

Jamshedpur : Despite series of campaign it seems the citizens of the city are simply not bothered with the �no parking� signs put up all along the main roads.

Concerned over the prevailing situation, the traffic police have now embarked upon a drive in which vehicles stationed on �No Parking� zones are simply towed away with crane to ease the flow of traffic.

The police have already informed the business establishments, and others located on the roadside of lifting away of the vehicles if parked on the roads on No Parking zones.

The �towing� drive of the traffic police which began on Wednesday saw 20 bikes and several cars violating parking norms. The police used a big crane to tow away the vehicles.

Traffic police have decided to deploy the government crane on the Bistupur main road itself for the time being and remove vehicles on city roads.

�We are concerned over the situation and want to make sure that there on no traffic congestion on the roads. We are using police department�s crane to tow away the vehicles,� said traffic official. The police crane can take at a time 10 two-wheelers and two cars.

He said that the vehicle owners� excuse for violating the rule is that they park their vehicles for �just a few seconds�. But what they do not realise is that these few minutes lead a traffic jam.

The police have earmarked zones for parking in Bistupur � on L Road near Bank of Baroda and on N Road, behind the Tilak Pustakalya.

Another official said that vehicles, be it a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler, queued up in a cluttered is a common sight in the city. However with the towing of vehicles they are hopeful to teach the people civic sense.

Unauthorised parking has become a major concern for traffic police and repeated special drives have been launched to provide free movement.

The Bistupur Main Road with lane of 10 meters connects Kadma, Sonari, Sakchi and Bistupur to commercial hub like Jugsalai and Tatanagar Station witnesses a traffic volume of nearly 1.5 lakh vehicle daily.

Earlier, Jusco after request from East Singhbhum district traffic police had undertaken erection of iron grills of 3 feet height on this stretch, in a bid to streamline traffic and prohibit parking of vehicles in designated �no-parking zones� on the road.

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