Friday, December 8, 2023

Intelligence suspect Indian Mujahiddin behind bomb blast near Beldih Kalibari

Jamshedpur : Though National Investigation Agency (NIA) and Special Task Force (STF) of bomb disposal squad are yet to reach to a conclusion on the motive behind the IED explosion in a dust bin behind Beldih Kalibari in Bistupur, the intelligence officials suspect that the act of triggering explosion was aimed to create panic in the steel city.

According to intelligence officials Indian Mujahiddin was behind the explosion.

” The probe is still on and we cannot revela much detail. However, explosion that took place behind Beldih Kalibari was an IED, but it was of a low intensity.� The intention behind the explosion was both to create a panic among the people as well as testing the effectiveness of the explosive device,” said an intelligence official.�

The intelligence official went on to add that some areas of steel city have all along been used as a shelter place for the Islamic terrorists, including that of Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) and none of the terrorist outfits will intend to disturb the city which they use for hiding, attracting police attention to the sensitive areas.

According to�the intelligence official, right from the year 2003, the steel city had got connected with with network of Islamic terrorist outfits.�

A 27-year-old youth, Shahnawaz Hussain was killed in an encounter with police in Delhi in 2003.� Later, during investigatrion it was unfolded that Shahnawaz had managed to obtain his driving license from the District Transport Office, Jamshedpur on the basis of his address as Jawaharnagar, Mango, whereas he was not a resident of Jamshedpur.

In 2010, a team of Bhopal police raided a house on road No 7 in Azadnagar and established that the double-storeyed house belonged to a senior operative of Indian Mujahidin, Abu Faisal.

The police have not yet found any clue to the elements responsible for planting the IED in the dust-bi behind the Beldih Kalibari. Superintendent of police (city) Chandan Jha said the NIA will reveal whether any terrorist outfit was behind the planting of the bomb.

Sources in the police said three persons have been picked up for interrogation by the police in connection to the Sunday night explosion. A senior police official revealed that they are making all efforts to nail the culprits who triggered the blast.

Senior SP, Anoop T Mathew had informed the STF’s bomb disposal squad in Ranchi to visit the blast site. In the afternoon, he had also intimated the NIA office in New Delhi to come and check whether it was an IED.

In the incident, a 40-year-old man, Pervez Alam sustained injuries on his stomach. A resident of Dhatkidih B-Block, Pervez was talking to one of his friends near Beldih Kalibari as the explosion took place. He was taken to Tata Main Hospital emergency where he was released after first-aid.

Notably, a powerful blast had taken place in dust-bin kept behind Beldih Kalibari at Bistupur at about 9 pm on Sunday. The blast was so powerful that it ripped apart the metal dust-bin.

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