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Traditional Kumari Puja performed at Ramakrishna Math

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Ghatshila, Oct 3: One of the most important ritual of Durgotsav is the performance of Kumari Puja that is considered as the worship of Ma Durga in the form of a girl child. According to traditional history, Kumari Puja was introduced by Swami Vivekananda. The process of worshiping 13 girls who have not attained puberty, is still followed at Belur Math with the same religious ritual as when it was initiated by Swami Vivekananda. Kumari Puja is performed on Mahashtami in almost all pandals. Today, on the occasion of the second day of Durgotsav, Mahashtami, Kanya Puja was performed at Ramkrishna Math in Dahigoda with devotion.

Aaradhya Bhattacharya, the five and half year old daughter of a devotee associated with the Morhabadi (Ranchi) unit of Ramakrishna Math, was worshipped as Kumari Ma at the Dahigoda unit. Her parents were present on the occasion. It may be mentioned that Kumari Puja is not performed by all Puja committees. That is why, the Dahigoda Ramkrishna Math witnesses’ heavy footfalls on Mahashtami to [participate in the Kumari Puja rituals. Locals stated that many tourists happen to visit the Kumari Puja performance and leave for their marked destinations later.

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