Sunday, June 4, 2023

Tonto on road to development


By Vinay Ranjan Saraswati
A lonely village in the middle of nowhere, sees the bright rays of hope when a non-profit, non-political social organization’SHARE’ (social & healthy action for rural empowerment), makes it their goal to do something for the disadvantaged community.

Living in constant fear of the rabid Maoists who are always on the lookout to terrorize the natives, no one had ever thought they’d make it this far. No one had thought they’d succeed in developing this tiny village.

But they did… Now, with the proposed plantation of over 1600 mango saplings under 16.95 acre of land, in convergence with MNREGS in Gotompi village & under SCA to TSP scheme in 10 acres of land in Hessasurniya village, Tonto’s entire landscape has started changing. The village which was once dependant on rainfall for its water supply, now has self-dug wells and ponds. SHARE did not fail to recognize the talent of the youth.

Several SELFHELP GROUPS formed for the young and old. Women at grassroots are now engaged in constructing goat,pig and poultry sheds for to get rid of their tattered economy.

On its road to development, Tonto block, under west singhbhum district of Jharkhand, has several Kisan Seva Kendra for the hardworking farmers. This farmers Service Centre is a platform for village institutions to learn basic skills and explore income opportunities by planning various events to consolidate their economic sources.

The FSC has one meeting hall, one office and one machine/tools room. Besides it also has one drying platform for forest produce collected by the community and one toilet as well. It has also one LED TV and DTH for the villagers with their own contribution.

It is equipped with ceiling fans and hopefully internet facilities would be made available at the centre. It will also work as information centre with a proposed library facility. We also plan to open plant clinic to support farmers in learning latest scientific techniques in agriculture.

The total cost in bringing up this centre is about 8.34 lakhs.

The people of Tonto have been given hope, work and a free lane to make something out of their lives. SHARE and Tonto now work hand in-hand as they head towards self-development and eradication of ignorance. Free from fear and armed with determination, they will not stop until they achieve what they deserve: Evolution!!

The entire program is supported by Jharkhand Tribal Development Society, Ranchi (a unit of welfare dept. govt. of Jharkhand) and IFAD, Rome under Jharkhand tribal empowerment & livelihood project (JTELP) in 15 villages under Tonto block of west singhbhum district in Jharkhand.

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