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Power crisis hits Tatanagar railway station, high capacity transformer burns

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Jamshedpur, June 15 : Tatanagar railway station along with railway colony is also confronting with power crisis these days.

Railway sources said a high capacity transformer which used to supply power to the railway station and the near-by railway colony was recently burnt. Though the railways have installed a new transformer but its capacity is less than the previous one.

Scorching weather coupled with load shedding has made life difficult for the residents. Even before the onset of Monsoon, the city is reeling under serious power crises with the situation showing no signs of improvement.

Assistant divisional electrical engineer of Tatanagar railways, Anand Lawrence said that the power supply has been hit from past few days. They rely on two sources of power supply � Jusco and JUVNL. While the JUVNL power is supplied in the railway colony, the power from the private utility company is supplied to the Tatanagar railway station and loco sheds.

“The new transformer is of 2.5 MVA while the previous one was of higher capacity of 3 MVA. This has led to a power crisis. But, we will overcome this problem shortly as we are getting another transformer soon which will help in sharing of load. This apart we have also requested Jusco to provide us another dedicated line,” he said.

Sources in Tatanagar railway station said that of late frequent power failures are taking place at the station. ” A couple of days back there was a blackout at the station in the evening which lasted for about 10 minutes,” said source.

Admitting this station manager O.P Sharma said that they have taken up the issue of power crisis with higher authorities and are hopeful of getting the issue resolved at the earliest.

Meanwhile, residents are complaining about the situation. According to them, every year such situation arises during the summer. Rather than making excuses the department should have made pre-hand arrangements before the arrival of Monsoon season.

Rajesh Singh, a resident of railway colony, said �It is every difficult to spend life in such conditions. Rising mercury and regular power cuts have us miserable. We are unable to spend time in such rough weather.

I am of the opinion that this is mainly due to the mismanagement and poor maintenance of the existing power stations and miserable failure to anticipate future requirements. It is high time for the electricity department to improve the situation�.

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