Saturday, December 2, 2023

TMH Jamshedpur celebrates Children’s Day in Paediatric Ward

Motu & Patlu spread joy and happiness

 Jamshedpur, Nov 14: The senior leadership team of Tata Main Hospital (TMH) came together to celebrate Children’s Day in the Paediatric Ward. Dr. Vinita Singh, Chief of Medical Indoor Services, TMH and Dr Mamta Rath, Chief Consultant and Head of Department, Gynaecology, TMH distributed sweets, masks, and balloons among the children, bringing smiles to their faces even during their hospital stay.

The highlight of the event was the presence of beloved cartoon characters Motu & Patlu, who delighted the children by going around the ward and OPD, spreading joy and happiness. Their small performance transformed the Paediatrics Ward into a lively space where the children could temporarily forget about their ailments and simply enjoy being kids.


Children’s Day holds great significance as it celebrates the innocence, happiness, and well-being of children. TMH recognises the importance of providing emotional support and a cheerful atmosphere for young patients, as it contributes to their overall healing process.

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