Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Thieves target five shops at Baghbera

Jamshedpur : Thieves attempted theft in as many as five shops and decamped with cash from another shop on DB Road under Bagbhera police station area at wee hours .

The burglars decamped Rs 2,500 from a cement shop. The shutter of the Anil Studio was also found broken when the shop-owner Anil Kumar came to open the shop in the morning.

From the scene at the shop it appeared that the thieves had tried to lift shutter forcibly after breaking the locks.

“We fear leaving the house even for a single night with incidents of theft becoming so common in our area,” said a 67-year-old retired government teacher, Maheswar Prasad.

Bank employee Abishek Sanyal echoed similar sentiments. He said, “Keeping valuable items at home is fraught with risk.” “All that police does is lodge a case and give us verbal assurances,” said a 54-year-old victim who is a homemaker, requesting anonymity.

She added that after the incident of robbery at her home, she lodged a complaint with the local police but there’s been no recovery of the robbed items, thus far.

Police, on the other hand, maintained that night patrolling in the affected areas has been intensified to check burglary incidents and few additional measures will be introduced further.

“All such measures, including special drive, that require to be taken to curb robbery incidents will be taken up by the city police,” said a deputy superintendent rank police officer.

Similarly, the thieves had also broken open the locks of a garment shop on the DB Road, but did not commit any theft in the shop. The shop-owner Vijay Prasad said the locks in the shop’s shutter were found broken and lying on the ground, but surprisingly the stock of readymade cloths were intact.

In yet another case, the thieves have decamped with wheels and batteries of two stationary auto-rickshaws at Gandhinagar under Bagbera police station area in the night. The worth of the stolen goods was estimated over Rs 1lakh.

Officer-in-charge, Shailendra Kumar, Bagbera, admitted that there has been a spurt in the incidents of theft and burglary, but said that he was no he did not think it proper to lodge a complaint with the police.

“There has been a spurt in petty crimes in the city. We have been successful in arresting quite a few thieves involved in the reported cases but I think there is a need to ensure proper night watch. We are planning to increase the movement of mobile police and vigil,” said an official.

Meanwhile, break-in in shops, thefts from scooter or motorcycle carriers and pick pocketing are at an all time high. Apart from such crimes, a number of residential complexes have also witnessed a spate of robberies

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