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The People’s Leader: Biography of Saryu Roy to hit stands in end April


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Jamshedpur, April 5: East Jamshedpur legislator Saryu Roy’s life, times and mission will soon be packaged in a biographical form to be published by Prabhat Prakashan of New delhi in the last week of April this year. The author of this biographical sketch, Vivekanand Jha is a prolific English writer whose earlier literary works that continue to create waves include ‘Yes I am Bihari,’ ’56 inches,’ ‘Making of Narendra Modi and unmaking of Jawaharlal Nehru’ and ‘Living Legends of Mithila’ to name a few.

‘The People’s Leader’ is the latest incisive insight into the philosophy, lifestyle and political beliefs of a man who is known to call a spade a spade.

Speaking about his latest work, author Vivekanand Jha said that Saryu Roy devoted around 90 hours with him for facts about his life and important events that led to his decisions. Jha said, “This is the first English biography from Bihar and Jharkhand. A lot of patience went into putting in appropriate references and details to draw the true picture of a man whom I genuinely consider a people’s leader and thus the name of the biography. This book which is being published by one of the famous publication houses of New Delhi, Prabhat Prakashan, contains the life of Saryu Roy as the flag bearer of Satyamev Jayate who exemplifies the flickering rays of divine luminescence amidst an all enveloping present day darkness.”

Eminent economist and politician Dr Amit Mitra, Dr Dinesh Mishra who is an authority on Maithili language and culture have put in their comments on the book. Forewords have been written by Sudheendra Kulkarni and Dr Subramanium Swamy. The manuscript was scrutinized by Dr Dinesh Mishra and Dr Priyal Srivastav.


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