Thursday, November 30, 2023

The beginners’ luck

By SK Nag

West Bengal election heated up more than earlier due to BJP’s aggressive aspiration to win this state to demolish TMC. Otherwise, this regional party will gradually become a threat to BJP’s bastion banking on Congress’s weak leadership. If not defeated in this state election, it will be tough for BJP to resist entering central politics with a new coalition in pan India. BJP’s manifestation of seriousness about Bengal is visible through the PM’s speech in Brigade. They are undoubtedly trying hard to get the puzzle solved by local leaders and their word-of-mouth information. Bengal political math has remained statically indeterminate (more unknowns than equations) by now with multi-party competitions. CPM, though, enjoyed firm ground connect historically but lost its relevance now (like blackberry phone). The ideological modification, which was essential not done timely to be intensely active and relevant.
Congress never had a base to rule this state. Congress could never place a CM candidate in the state after Mr S Ray. Intra-party fights never allowed the Congress party in the state to play a credible opposition role. The current CPM & Congress coalition will become a laughing stock to the state’s voters who had seen the CPM politics of the seventies & eighties harvesting political mileage opposing congress policies that predominantly controlled central India. However, this election will eliminate the non-performer through the fire-wall thought of Bengalis.
Bengal is not a state which can be manipulated by caste and religion. This state historically witnessed the start of the British raj in 1757 and started the mutiny of 1857. So in this election, the pattern of result will be outstandingly different, making all of us taken aback.
The’ Khela Hobe’ narrative is currently very innovatively, cornering those unfamiliar with Bengal culture. So fair ‘Khela-Hobe’ is expected from both sides with dignity and decency. The first phase already started showing the historical horror of poll violence.
What will go wrong with the political speculation. Despite so much of a campaign from either side, the results will be away from expectations. The fight is a direct battle between two flowers, keeping aside CPM-Cong allies.
The seamless Bengal society does not manifest their caste & community in the result like earlier. All parties misunderstood this. Speech of some leaders, though subtly played the Hindutva card but failed to impress the Bengali voters. Bankim Chandra is another card that PM had brought in, but more intensely, the average Bengali would have been more than happy if 23rd Jan would have been declared to be a national holiday instead.  
No matter what they are thinking may not be factual. The beginners’ luck is to be seen in the end. Bengali bhadralok how they cast their vote is highly unpredictable. Therefore, though it is a triangular fight after Congress and the CPI(M) coalition, it is only between two parties on the ground.
The story will unfold after 2nd may, showing beginners luck vs. incumbent didi.

(Author is Industrial Engineer, Fellow Valuer, Chartered Engineer, BEE approved Energy Expert and Industry Mentor. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at [email protected])

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