Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Tent house owners, decorators, band organizers dealt with baton blows in Jamshedpur

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, Oct 7: With businesses closed since March 22 when the lockdown phases were promulgated, tent house owners, decorators, band organizers, sound system suppliers have been forced to go without work and struggle to earn two square meals for themselves and their families.

Their employees too are facing the same fate and their children are going hungry to bed.

On Wednesday, they tookl out a foot march in protest to the Deputy Commissioner�s office and demonstrated under the banner of All decorators� Sangharsh Samiti. Officials of the district administration arrived at the scene where the police used batons to quell the demonstrators.

They were later arrested and taken in a bus. Sources have informed that the arrested would be made to undergo COVID-19 tests before being released.

Leading the demonstrators, Sumit Srivastav said that since March 22 when the lockdown phases were clamped light, sound, band and tent owners were out of business and were facing pathetic financial crisis.

He said that with the promulgation of unlock 5.0 whereby the government had given permission for 200 guests at marriage and other similar functions, the state government too should give similar directives so that such people could also get back to their earning ways.

The Samiti handed a memorandum to the effect to the Deputy Commissioner addressed to the state government.

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