Thursday, March 23, 2023

Tayo Workers Union pays tribute to Gopal Babu


Gamharia, Dec. 21: Tayo Workers’ Union celebrated 98 th birth anniversary of VG Gopal.

On the occasion, the vice president of Tayo (operation) Mr. PD Muddhnra, Union President Rakeshwar Pandey, General Secretary Vinod Kumar Rai, Gopal Babu garlanded the statue of late leader.

Speaking on the occasion, the speakers highlighted the activities undertaken for the benefit of workers by him.

On the occasion Madan Lal Shah, Lal Mahato, UK Suvarnae, GP Mahato, KP Tiwari, S Vishwakarma, Dharnidhar Singh, Jawaharlal Mahli, Jitendra Kumar, Mukesh Kumar, were present.

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