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Tata Workers Union elections: Lucky Arvind Pandey wins on toss of coin

Himalayan Paths

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, Jan 31: All eyes and ears were trained on the Tata Workers’ union election on Sunday. Adrenalin flowed fast and furious as contenders’ names and results started to emerge. Contenders for the TWU president’s post, former deputy president Arvind Pandey, former committee member Sashank Manzar and former committee member CS Jha prayed for Lady luck’s favour. At the counting tables, the opposition candidate for the president’s post Arvind Pandey, ruling team’s Sanjiv Chowdhary’s supporter Sashank Manzar obtained equal number of votes. This called for a toss and Lady Luck really did smile on Arvind Pandey who called correctly leading to Manzar’s defeat. CS Jha was elected to the post of committee member. He fetched more votes than Arvind Pandey.

Coke Plant’s battery sections 5, 6 and 7 candidate and former committee member RC Jha and his supporter Sashibhushan Pingua won the election battle. Cinter Plant’s former union vice president Shivesh Verma also won. He defeated Sanjiv Chowdhary’s candidate and former committee member Santosh Pandey by a margin of seven votes. Sanjiv Chowdhary’s candidate from Coke Plant battery sections 10 and 11 Bibhash Shukla was also on the winners’ platform. Vivek Kumar was another winner. Former committee member Biswajit Biswas lost. Former committee member Bhaskar Rao, RMM’s Gopal Lal and Sinter Plant’s Avinash kumar also emerged victorious. There is information of former committee member Manjit Singh also winning.

The elections which commenced at 7 am in separate booths within the Tata Steel complex passed of peacefully. The election was conducted with strict adherence to social distancing in view of the pandemic conditions.

The election officials and six election committee members were deputed to different polling centres. They had all arrived by 5 am.  At 6 am, the polling officials were carried in separate buses to the different polling booths allotted to them in the Tata Steel complex.

Skirmish in LD 1, peaceful at other places

TWU elections were conducted in separate booths in the Tata Steel Plant. In LD 1, the supporters of candidates clashed among themselves. According to reports, the fracas started at about 8 am when polling had already commenced. The reports stated that a shift supervisor was pressurizing employees into voting for certain candidates. He had earlier been reported for such acts. On Sunday morning too he was spotted indulging in the same tactics and threatening the workers under his charge to vote for the candidates of his recommendation. Supporters of the opposition group protested and a verbal battle ensued which was soon followed by fisticuffs making for a chaotic scenario. The reports stated that the shift supervisor’s work time concluded at 6 am and he had to leave the company premises after casting his vote. Ultimately the security personnel were called in who took the supervisor away from the scene and sent him home. The melee was somehow brought under control. After the polling concluded the candidates for the posts of committee members turned their attention to the process of poll counting.

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