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Tata Steel Zoological Park enhances range of animal, plant species

Jamshedpur, Oct. 24: The Tata Steel Zoological Society is in the process of importing four zebras from Israel, subject to final clearance from the government.

The Tata Steel Zoological Society was established in 1991 in line with Tata Steel�s corporate responsibility towards preservation of environment, forests and wildlife in the steel city of Jamshedpur as well as to create awareness among the citizens here on both endemic and exotic faunal diversity. The society is registered under Societies Registration Act, 21 of 1860 in the state of Jharkhand.

The principal aim of the society is to manage, run, and maintain the zoological park called Tata Steel Zoological Park as a place for awareness and education of the inhabitants of Jamshedpur and surrounding areas; undertake research; conservation and captive breeding of birds, animals, reptiles, aquatic creatures etc. The Tata Steel Zoological Park also provides a natural environment for birds, animals and other creatures where they can live in simulated natural conditions and without any fear of loss of their lives.

The Tata Steel Zoological Park, apart from its diverse range of animal and plant species on exhibit, is equipped with various amenities that strengthen the zoo facilities. The zoological park has a well-equipped veterinary hospital with well-trained animal doctors who look after the health and wellbeing of the animals here.

An army of trained staff in various departments look after the daily activities of the zoo. One of the biggest strength that the Tata Steel Zoological Park has been its natural settings that create a usual habitat for the animals housed here. The zoo also has a good library on animal books and journals.

The zoological society charges a nominal entrance fee compared to the facilities provided. It is a unique place to visit to see the environment friendly practices and the care taken for the animals. Citizens of Jamshedpur and visitors are welcome to visit the zoo.

Nature Education Centre has a well facilitated air-conditioned hall which has an overhang projector, DVD Player, sound boxes, mikes for organizing seminars symposium, workshops and any other Educational Awareness programme. It also boasts a library which consists of more than 800 books, magazines and journals related to nature and environment. There is also a small museum in the premises. This centre can be booked for educational events at a nominal rent.

In order to provide exposure to girl students Tata zoo organizes 3-day residential nature camps for girl students during winter wherein students from various city schools participate.

The curriculum involves various activities like bird watching, yoga, personality development and local excursion to the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary and Agricultural Research Centre at Palandu, Ranchi.

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