Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Tata Steel organises CME on Interstitial Lung Disease

Jamshedpur : The department of Pulmonology in Tata Main Hospital organized a CME on Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) and Workshop on Sleep study and bronchoscopy for the first time in the steel city.

This programme was conducted by Dr. Raja Dhar , a renowned pulmonologist from Fortis Hospital, Kolkata. He was assisted by a team of doctors from Fortis Hospital, Kolkata along with TMH doctors— DR. A. K. Prusti, Dr. R. P. Samanta and Dr. Asif Ahmed.

Disturbed sleep and snoring have become a major social problem which can be tackled if diagnosed properly and appropriate steps are taken.

This workshop will be highly beneficial to the doctors who had participated in the workshop. Interaction of such nature will go a long way in not only developing the skill of our doctors and in enhancing their knowledge in managing such patient but also be highly beneficial to the society at large.

It is worth mentioning that a sleep study centre has been functioning in Tata Main Hospital under the department of Anesthesia and Critical Care for the last one and half years. Sleep study has been successfully conducted on more than 125 patients along with need based treatment.

Advanced endoscopic and bronchoscopic services are being provided in this hospital by both department of pulmonology and department of ENT

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