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Tata Steel observes World Steel Safety Day and Fire Safety Week

Jamshedpur: The Fire Safety Week (FSW) is observed nation-wide under the guidance of the Fire Adviser, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India during April 14�21. World Steel sees this as an excellent opportunity to use the event as a trigger to develop an annual World Steel Safety Day with the aim to engage the entire Iron and Steel industry.

To mark the above occasion, Tata Steel is observing World Steel Safety Day and Fire Safety Week from April 14 -21, 2014 with the theme as ‘Process Safety, Fire Safety and Disaster Management’.

The function was jointly inaugurated by Mr. Suresh Kumar, VP, Shared Services, Tata Steel and PN Singh, President of Tata Workers� Union (TWU) which was formally launched in afternoon in a ceremony held at Steelennium Hall. A special Fire Rescue Tender was inaugurated which specializes in dealing with disasters and rescue operations.

On this occasion, Sanjay Srivastava, Head, State Project, SDMA, Jharkhand was present as the special guest. B K Das, VP, Coke Sinter Iron, Tata Steel was present as the chief guest and P N Singh as Guest of Honour.

Shyam Sunder, chief, Corporate Safety, Tata Steel welcomed the guests and briefed them about the activities planned for the week.

The one week program will consist of training and competitions to create awareness such as Mock Drill Competition, Emergency Preparedness, Use of fire extinguishers among employees and Contractors, Rescue Management competition and training, Safety quiz etc.

Sanjay Srivastava, Head State Project SDMA Jharkhand said �After LD incident, Process Safety and Disaster Management have acquired important role. If we look at history, Jharkhand appears twice in the Top mining disasters of the world�. He informed the audience to dial 1967 for any emergency in Jharkhand. He appreciated the fact that Tata Steel has Corporate Safety Plan in place.

On being asked about the resources and capability of the Jharkhand Govt. during industrial emergency, Sanjay Srivastava replied that they have entire network in-control across state, nation and international and during times of emergency, which can help provide with adequate off site management and fire tenders of other industries.

PN Singh, president, TWU said �Safety is an important issue for everyone. We must realise that there is no equivalent to life and we must practice what we preach to be safe and make everyone else also safe by way of practising safe working methods at all levels. ”

B. K Das, VP, Coke Sinter and Iron, Tata Steel said �We must establish the importance of these events by taking initiatives at our workplace. We have a role to play in Process Safety. They may occur less frequently but have high impact. He also suggested to focus on school children in teaching Disaster Management as they are the future of our country. ”

Debashis Das, chief of Manufacturing Long Products proposed a vote of thanks to the guests and the audience.

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