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Tata Steel Jamshedpur: World record in zero degree controlled demolition of chimney


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Jamshedpur, Nov 27: The precision achieved in the controlled implosion of the country’s tallest chimney has set a record of sorts. After the successful operation, Tata Steel officials said that the demolition had set a world record as a zero degree implosion of the 100-metre chimney had been achieved. The existing record, according to the company officials, for controlled demolition, is four degrees.

Chanakya Chaudhary, Vice President, Corporate Services of Tata Steel, Avneesh Gupta, Vice President TQM and Engineering & Projects of Tata Steelalong with other officials of the company told media persons that the Battery #5 Chimney at its Coke Plant in Jamshedpur was nonoperational since the last four months. The officials also said that plans had been afoot to demolish the chimney since the last one year.

The company officials said that the earlier plan was to focus on achieving a four degree controlled implosion. But, later the plan was altered and the company officials with the demolition experts focused on a zero degree demolition. The officials revealed that 48 kg of explosives had been used in the demolition of the chimney and that the total project cost was Rs 2 crore.

With extra safety measures, like the use of a metal mesh and by spraying water, the desired result was achieved. The chimney met with a zero degree demolition without causing any damage to nearby structures. It also did not trigger any cloud of dust, as is usually the case in such demolitions. The controlled implosion technique used to bring down the chimney also limited the sound and vibrations caused by the synchronized explosions.

Demolition man performs centre of gravity puja

Top official of Edifice Engineeering, Mohan Ramanathan, also known as the “demolition man” of India, performed puja at the demolition site before the explosives were set off for implosion. Later, Ramanathan explained that he performed puja for centre of gravity to ensure success and accuracy of the operation.

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