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Tata Steel encourages citizens to visit Centre for Excellence


Jamshedpur, Nov. 21: Tata Steel has invited all citizens to pay a visit to the Centre for Excellence (CFE), located near the Jubilee Park.

It is open to all visitors on Tuesday and Saturday from 9.30 am till 4.00 pm. Visitors can view the history of Tata Steel, the city of Jamshedpur as well as see historical documents. This is a unique opportunity for visitors to get information and appreciate the development of the city of Jamshedpur over the years.

Facilities provided at CFE include the following:

The Archives

Letters, books, maps, charts and photographs of historical importance are documented and stored at the central repository of the Archives Trained restorers conserve archival records with the help of processes like fumigation, de�acidification, mending, encapsulating and micro�filming. Tata Steel Archive is a heritage centre that offers invaluable archival material for reference and research. In order to retrieve documents accurately at greater speed, over a lakh documents have been digitalized by a specially designed software application.

The Galleries

The three interlinked permanent galleries are like three gems in the crown of CFE. They were built with the objective of providing visitors with an understanding of the Steel Company�s ethos and values from Founder�s vision to the present day technology of the steel work.

The Founder�s Gallery houses archival treasures on the life of Nusserwanji Tata, his vision of a steel company and the founding of Tata Steel. The Jamshedpur Gallery has Photographic montages which illustrate the company�s social commitments and the efforts being made in areas of community and social welfare, education, rural development and family initiatives. The Technology Gallery has a detailed model of Tata Steel works and illuminated panels in this gallery takes the visitor on a visual tour of Tata Steel�s modernization journey to emerge as India�s only �world class steel maker.�


Built to seat 80 persons, the auditorium at CFE is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment including a movie projector, back projection system, television, video cassette recorder, slide projector and direct image projectors, digital light projector (DLP) and saptop.

The architecture of CFE is by itself an interesting feature. Low lying plain and angled buildings, blend into the herbage to form a significant feature of the architecture of Centre for Excellence. This landmark in modern architecture with a touch of ancient Middle Eastern influence has been designed by Hafeez Contractor, an eminent architecture from Mumbai.

The CFE is jointly managed by Tata Steel and The Society for Promotion of Professional Excellence (SPPE).Through its corporate and institutional members, SPPE facilitates meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences, providing a forum for education, training and growth of professional excellence.

Students as well as researchers can use the information provided at CFE for their Project work. There is no entry fee.


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