Friday, June 2, 2023

Tata Motors Jamshedpur block closure on April 3


Jamshedpur, March 31:  The Jamshedpur plant of Tata Motors will have block closure on  April 3. A notice related to this has been issued by the Tata Motors management. There will be a Sunday holiday on April 2. In this way the employees will now come for duty on 4th April.

Employees will get half salary during this period. In the new financial year, the first one-day block closure has been taken at Jamshedpur plant of Tata Motors on 3rd April. Those employees of Tata Motors who are called on duty will be given leave on the second day. This step has been taken in view of the fall in the demand for Tata Motors vehicles. When the demand for vehicles increases, the work will pick up again. (w-rg)


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