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Take 20 seconds break after 20 minutes work: Dr Vivek Kedia on MYM eye care webinar

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Jamshedpur, Aug 2: Marwari Yuva Manch (MYM) on Sunday organized a webinar on eye care especially in view of the pandemic times. The keynote speaker Dr Vivek Kedia provided vital tips on protecting eyes. He said that at a time when going out to people and places had been restricted to prevent the spread of COVID infections, people had now become more reliant on mobile phones and computers to communicate. �The prolonged use of these electronic communication modes actually dry up the tear ducts. If work on computers and mobile phones are essential then one should take a break of 20 seconds after 20 minutes of work. Sprinkling cold water in the eyes intermittently will not only be soothing but will prevent damage to the eyes. Moreover, avoid touching eyes and especially after using sanitizers.�

The chief guest at the webinar was past national president Balram Sultania while regional president of the organization Abhishek Agrawal was the guest of honour. Branch president Sugam Saraiwala gave the welcome address while secretary Ravi Kumar Gupta anchored the session. Pratik Agrawal offered the vote of thanks. The organizing team for the webinar comprised regional vice president Neha Patwari, regional secretary Krishna Agrawal, regional convener Ajay Chetani, Mahesh Kumar, Anand Agrawal, Chetan Agrawal, Sushil Kumar, Umang Agrawal and Pratik Agrawal.

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