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Swami Vigyan Chaitanya: A Life Dedicated to Yoga


Jamshedpur : Swami Vigyan Chaitanya is a senior sannyasi of the Bihar yoga tradition – known all over the world as Satayananda Yoga.

He joined the Bihar School of Yoga, the headquarters of the institution at Ganga Darshan in 1991 to participate in the sannyasa course conducted by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati.

Thereafter, he stayed in the ashram to join in the work of the mission. He spent the next 18 years serving the ashram in various capacities, as a yoga teacher teaching very lucid yoga philosophy and lifestyle in the certificate, diploma and PG course; as a course director of the above courses; as librarian of the research library; as infrastructure development manager initiating different electrical and mechanical projects of the ashram; as a conductor of the ashram chanting programs.

Swami Vigyan was one of the key figures in Bihar Yoga Bharati, India’s first Yoga University, As librarian, he developed the extensive facilities of the library making it one of the biggest specialized libraries of spiritual books in the eastern region.

During the course of these 18 years he imbibed the spirit of “complete yoga” as taught by the trinity of Swami Sivananda, Swami Satyananda and Swami Niranjanananda and would like to impart the same in a very practical way to the modern man who is looking for some direction in life and needs to find an inner balance in this totally extroverted life.

Currently, he is based in Odisha in a branch ashram so mat he can be on his own for some time and integrate yoga with society and at the same time evolve himself. He travels all over India as directed by Bihar School of Yoga and also on invitation.

Swami Vigyan has conducted training programs in different institutions during these 18 years. He has conducted programs for the Indian Army, Indian Oil Corporation, National Police Academy, Indian Railways, State Bank of India, steel industry, Coal India, Government of Bihar, private industries, institutions etc.

Swami Vigyan is a graduate in electrical engineering from IIT, Kharagpur. He served for 10 years in one of the India’s most respected engineering firms before he joined the ashram. He subsequently did MA in Yoga philosophy from the Bhagalpur University under the auspices of Bihar Yoga Bharati, India’s first Yoga University.

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