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Criminals snatch gold chain at CH area, target another woman at Jubilee Park

Jamshedpur, June 17: �As the price of gold sky rockets with each passing day, chain snatchers in the city are striking it rich.

In most cases, youngsters target women in quiet lanes in the evening hours.

Moreover, incidents of conman diverting the attention of the public and making away with their bags containing cash and valuables have also been on the rise in the city. Despite efforts to curb the incidents by the police the situation remain the same.

Though such incidents are frequently occurring in various parts of the city, the police have not able to control the situation. People coming out of the cases banks after withdrawing money have been the victims in a majority.

A majority of chain snatching incidents have taken place during afternoon and late evening hours when it is difficult to identify snatchers. Snatchers grab the victims from the back and snatch their chains, earrings and other ornaments and escape from the scene within seconds. They target women who pass through deserted areas.

In a shocking incident, two bike-borne criminals snatched gold chain off a middle-aged woman on Circuit House Road near Army Camp gate under Bistupur police station area around�Saturday noon.

The incident took place as the victim Konika Ray (40) was on her way to Bistupur market by pillion-riding behind husband Ashim from their house in Sonari.�The snatchers who were moving on a sports bike snatched the gold-chain.

The victims, who were in a scooter, were left with no option than to lodge complain with Bistupur police station.

Officer-in-charge of Bistupur police station, Anuj Kumar rushed to the spot and deputed a team of police personnel at the scene of snatching to remain vigilant on the road.

“We are investigating the incident. We inspected the place of snatching and the criminals had chosen a spot which is not covered under the CCTV camera’s range.�

Had the incident taken place in front of the petrol pump or a little away toward the Circuit House, and then we would have nabbed the chain-snatcher,” said the officer-in-charge.

Significantly, this was the second incident of chain-snatching in Bistupur within the past 24 hours.� Earlier, two bike-borne criminals snatched a gold chain from a 27-year-old woman, Sweta Agrawal, on Jubilee Road inside the park.

The incident took place while the girl was riding back home to Mango from Sonari where she had come to meet a friend.�

The victim has reported about the incident with the Bistupur police this morning only.

Superintendent of police (city) Prashant Anand said the incidents of chain-snatching in broad-day-light despite an intensified patrolling are matter of concern.

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