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Students’ skill and ingenuity mark SDSM Annual Exhibition


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Jamshedpur, Nov: The Annual Exhibition — 2022 was organised at the SDSM School for Excellence on Friday, November 11. The exhibits displayed by students of Stds I to XII had the mark of skill and ingenuity.

The exhibits included Digital Door Lock, Chocolate Dispenser, Stick for Visually Challenged,  Digital Dustbins, 4G & 5G Networks, Gallery of Mathematicians, Applications of Trigonometry, Number System, Amniocentesis, Genetic Disorders, Drip Irrigation, Effects of COVID- 19 on Human Lungs, Smart Dustbin, Brahmos Missile Navigation Ranging among others. The School’s Art & Craft students presented models of Kedarnath Temple, Eiffel Tower, decorative and hanging pots that enamored visitors as they went around the exhibition gallery. The parents praised and motivated the efforts of the children. Principal Moushumi Das, during the inauguration of Annual Exhibition – ’22 observed, “Every child has concepts and observes everything around. The children’s observations make them curious and they search for the various ‘whats and whys’ and some of these observations obsess them and as they move ahead, they try to discover what they seek. Their ideas and observations should be fanned and at a point of time they are able to understand and try. This is where elders like parents and teachers have to take charge and inspire them. The gadgets exhibited or the models displayed are reflections of their minds and with further pursuit, they may be able to modify and create improved versions. This Exhibition is to instill confidence in the children.”

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