Saturday, April 1, 2023

Stray deer dies after chase by villagers in Kharsawan


Jamshedpur: A two year old deer that strayed away from the forests in Kharsawan died here on Monday after sustaining severe injuries. It had entered a company premises near Burudih Railway level crossing. When chased by local villagers, it tried to jump over the companyís boundary wall and got seriously injured. It died while being taken to Jamshedpur for treatment, sources said.

Kharsawan police and regional forest officer reached Burudih on coming to know about the deerís presence in the residential area. They took the deer to the veterinary hospital where the deer was diagnosed as having suffered a fracture in the left hind leg. The animal was bleeding from its nose. After first aid, the deer was being taken to Jamshedpur. But the poor creature died on the way.

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