Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Steel City set to illuminate in glory to pay tributes to its founder J N Tata Jamshedpur

The Steel City is being decked up to pay tributes to the founder Jamsteji Nusserwanji Tata on his 179th birth anniversary on March 3. The theme this year is Imagimax -‘Imagining to the Maximum’. It commemorates the vision of Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata after whom the steel city took its name nearly a century ago.
The journey of Jamshedpur from a small village to commercial hub is inspiring. The pioneering industrialist, who founded the Tata Group, had written to his son about his dream of a big city in the erstwhile village of Sakchi, which was finally renamed as Jamshedpur in 1919 by a British statesman.
Founder�s Day was first instituted by Tata Steel on March 3, 1932. It was D N Madan, Chief Accountant, Tata Iron and Steel Company, who first conceived the idea of observing and celebrating an annual gathering to commemorate the birth anniversary of J.N. Tata. Founder�s day provided him with an opportunity of expressing his regard for the memory of the genius to whose faith and adjustment, energy and perseverance, the works, the towns and the environs of Jamshedpur bear enduring witness.
The entire Jubilee Park, including the Jayanti Sarovar and Upvan, will be decked up for the week-long festivities. Instead, there will be a complete representation of the founder Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata�s global visions. The global thoughts and ideals of the founder, which have strengthened the company�s foundations, would be on displayed. Apart from Tata Steel and other companies of the Tata group, hotels and restaurants are also being decked up for the occasion.
It�s not Tata Steel alone but, Steel city at large is gearing up to celebrate the Founder�s Day, the birth anniversary of J N Tata on 3rd March, the founder of the Steel major and the one who laid the foundation of the semi cosmopolitan city of the erstwhile Bihar. Inside works floats would demonstrate how the departments have incorporated their working based on Tata philosophy.
Tata Steel�s subsidiary, Jusco which looks after civic amenities in the city area, has already started giving facelift to Jubilee Park, Bhetiya Park (Kadma), Dorabji Tata Park (Northern Town), and Nildih Park (in Nildih near Telco).
�Like every year work is in full progress for the Founder�s Day. Works is carried out on a war footing to complete widening work of (Straight Mile Road (stretch between Jusco roundabout and Lady Ghandy roundabout), Monument Road (Northern Town in Bistupur), Inner Circle Road (stretch near Tulsi Bhavan in Bistupur), Tubemaker’s Club Road (Nildih in Golmuri), and Outer Circle Road (in Bistupur).
Groundwork has begun for illumination at Jubilee Park where light artistes from Chandernagore, Bengal, will start transforming the parks into fairy land. Other popular green lungs like Bhetiya Park (Kadma), Dorabji Tata Park (Northern Town) and Nildih Park (near Telco) will also be lit up for the big day.

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