Friday, February 3, 2023

ST status demanded for Kurmis

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Jamshedpur, March 21: Abhimanyu Kaltiyar, a local leader of the Kurmi community, said that he will fight till the end to obtain ST status for members of his community. He said that reservation should be based on caste basis and not on the basis of influence of the communities.

“It is really unfortunate that the communities, who have influence, are getting reservation in our country. This has led to mass movement all over,” he said.

The Kurmi community alone constitutes 1.5 lakhs in the total population in the Jamshedpur constituency. The community has always been a potent political group in the state and a swing in its votes is capable of tilting the political balance.

Jugsalai and Bahragora Assembly constituencies have the largest concentration of Kurmi votes. The community is demanding ST status.

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