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Special artists from Divine Charitable Trust perform at Loyola School

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Jamshedpur, April 6: A team from Warangal based Divine Charitable Trust comprising special artists today won hearts with stellar performance at the Fasy auditorium of Loyola School. They danced, sung and performed mimicry and kept the school students at the edge of their seats.

About eight artistes from the Warangal, Telangana-based trust performed to prove that where there is a will there is a way. Visually impaired and people with dwarfism and other disabilities not only sang but also danced on the most popular Bollywood numbers.

The program was organized to help the artists showcase their talent and inspire the students about what they can do in life with hard work and willpower. The Divine Charitable Trust works for the welfare of orphan children, people with disability and hungry children, funeral services for the poor. It also runs a service to provide monthly ration to about 120 widows in their neighboring areas.

Y. Vincent Reddy, the founder and managing trustee of Divine Charitable Trust, who started the organization after meeting Mother Teresa once said that in 1993 he was fortunate in getting a invitation to attend a convention at Chennai, wherein Mother Theresa was a participant.

�Whatever you do the poorest of poor, is what you do to God.� These words got into his heart with great impact. The insight that he experienced was this: serving the deprived ones is the best way to fulfill the will of God on earth.

His conscience dictated to him that it was unfair to work and live only for the sake of his own family, while so many others lived around him in poverty and distress.

This thought helped him to take decisions quickly. He gave up his regular job to start a service � providing business by employing a few youngsters.

The major portion of the profit from the business went into the aid of destitute homes. Next, the vision of Divine Charitable Trust came into being in 2005 DCT as a tribute to the holy Mother.

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