Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Special arrangements for Rakhi

Jamshedpur: Jamshedpur Post office has made elaborate arrangements for disposal of �Rakhi Mails� for ensuring prompt delivery of �Rakhi Mails�� till� August� 29.

Special arrangements for acceptance of Rakhi mails are made at important post offices in the city for quick delivery of these mails.

�Rakhi mails� should be posted in envelope stuck securely with gum.� People� should post their �Rakhi mail� at the post offices for in time delivery.��

The people should write correct PIN code of the destination on the envelope for speedy disposal of �Rakhi mails�.

The General Post office in the city has opened an additional counter for registry and speed post delivery.

According to officials of the department at present there are three speed post and registry counters keeping in mind extra rush for �rakhi� the department would start a specialised window to serve them with ease.

B P Srivastava, senior post master, General Post Office, Jamshedpur said that post offices are witnessing heavy rush this season. Therefore, to make things easier, introduced another counter from August 20.

A senior Jamshedpur Post Office, Bistupur said that every day over thousand such rakhis were transported from the city. Despite technology ruling the market people still rely of the post.

Postal department is gearing up to engage more manpower in the form of college students for speedy delivery of rakhis.

On an average, each post office is receiving about 200-300 rakhis every day. And this is only increasing.

�We have to sort out the letters and then deliver them to the respective destinations. We are overburdened and hence the department is employing more manpower, including college students,� the postmaster said.

The main agenda for the postal department is to deliver within the designated time without making any mistakes. �We do not want to receive any complaints from the people. We do need an extra hand to help us sort out the rakhis and assist in delivery. Besides, we have many extra bags, which we need to deliver,� he said.

According to figures collected from the department, every day around 50,000 rakhis are received at post offices across the state. There are 3,093 post offices in the tribal heartland and, at present, about 10,000 postmen are employed there.

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