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Shooting of tele film ‘Kanki’ in Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur, Dec 25: A six day shooting schedule for tele film, ‘Kanki’ has been fixed between January 3 and 8, 2021. The film being produced under the banner of The Dance Studio has been written by the celluloid vehicle’s director Dipak Dev. Prior to the shooting, a workshop for the artistes and technical crew will be organized.

Bin a press release issued by The Dance Studio Director Puja Agrawal, the film is a love story based on two epical poems, ‘Kannagi-Kovlan’ and ‘Shiappdikaram’ composed almost 2,000 years ago by a Jain prince Ilango Adigal. The epical poems are considered among the five greatest compositions in Tamil language. The story revolves around the lead character Kanak.

Puja further informed that an audition for selecting the cast was held earlier in The Dance Studio. Fifty artistes from Jamshedpur and nearby areas were finalized for the cast of the film. Film director Dipak Dev has made several short films in Bollywood including ‘Gandhari’ and ‘One Last Chance.’ His directorial vehicle, ‘Dhoomketu’ has been viewed by more than 40 lakh people on YouTube. Puja Agarwal mentioned in the press communiqué that Asish Kumar, Sanjay Dutta, Swarnali, Anil Yadav, Rashid, Nikhil Dubey and Riya Patel helped in organizing the auditions.

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