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Shibu Soren retained JMM president for 10th time, Hemant executive president


JMM resolves to return land unused for mining and industry to raiyats

Ranchi, Dec. 18: Shibu Soren has been crowned as JMM President for the 10th time. Shibu Soren was elected unopposed as its president in the 12th central convention of JMM held at Sohrai Bhawan in Ranchi on Saturday

At the same time, his son and Chief Minister Hemant Soren has been re-elected as the executive president.

 While addressing the convention of the  party Hemant Soren said that Jharkhand Mukti Morcha is a party of poor, downtrodden, marginalised, tribal, Dalit and backward.

 “We are working in the role of ruling party. This is not our destination, it is just a stop. We have a long way to go to reach the destination. One should always try to stand for the people of the state,” said Soren.

He said that Jharkhand has turned 21 years old. In 21 years, those people who were in power for most of the time never showed their seriousness or sensitivity towards the state.

Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) Supremo Shibu Soren being garlanded by party workers after elected party president 10th time in Ranchi, Jharkhand, India, Saturday, December 18, 2021. Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren is also seen.

In the political resolution passed in the convention, it was said that Jharkhand has not been received in the bailout. There has been a long movement under the leadership of Shibu Soren, hundreds of agitators have given martyrdom, then the state was formed, but with the formation of the state, most of the political system remained in the hands of BJP.

BJP made rules and regulations suiting the interest of exploiters-anarchists and corporate robbers and planned to benefit them.

The culmination of the destruction of Jharkhandi identity and existence took place when the BJP government was formed at the Center and in the state in 2014. The then cabinet looted the land, employment of the tribal-indigenous people.
JMM expressed concern over the problem of displacement and migration

In an 8-page political resolution, JMM said that tribal land has been looted in Jharkhand. Thousands of people have been displaced in the development schemes. The problem of migration has increased due to poverty. The state can be strengthened only by employment, education and social empowerment. There is a need to improve agriculture and rural economy.

The land which has not been used for industry and mining should be returned to the raiyat (original landholders).

According to party sources, many important decisions have been taken in the 12th session. In the general convention, it has been decided to reduce the posts of Vice President. Where earlier there were 15 vice-presidents, now this number may be reduced to 11.

At the same time, the number of posts of General Secretary will be reduced from 12 to nine.

 Similarly, there is talk of reducing the number of central committee members from 451 to 351.

It is also being told that JMM will also create the post of Office Secretary in all the districts. This means that even in the districts, there will be office secretaries of the party.

The convention was attended by party cadres from Odisha, Bihar, Bengal and Jharkhand.

In the morning when the convention started Jama MLA and sister-in-law of Hemant Soren, Sita Soren was conspicuous by her absence but when she turned up at the convention venue, Sohrai Bhawan, at 1.10 pm all speculation about her absence stopped.

It is noteworthy that JMM was formed on 15 November 1972, but the foundation of JMM was duly laid on 4 February 1973 at Golf Ground in Dhanbad. Vinod Bihari Mahto was elected the first president of JMM. Shibu Soren was elected the general secretary of the party. Since then the political journey of the party continues till now.

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