Friday, June 2, 2023

Residents of Bagbera, Kitadih, Parsudih demand inclusion in Jugsalai civic area


Jamshedpur, Dec 18. On Saturday, under the leadership of district BJP leader Subodh Jha, a letter was handed over to JP Yadav, the special officer of Jugsalai municipality, demanding inclusion of  seven of Bagbera, four each of Kitadih and Parsudih in Jugsalai municipality.
Special officer JP Yadav said that he would forward these demands to the higher authority. 

“The demands would be forwarded to the urban development department of the government. We cannot do anything unless there is some direction from the government.” said Jugsalai civic official. 

In this regard, BJP leader Subodh said that Bagbera, Kitadih, Parsudih are deprived of all basic facilities due to being included in the panchayat area. The people of Bagbera have to buy drinking water by spending Rs 100 every day, impure drinking water is being supplied from the panchayat. The water bill is also taken at 100 at the city rate. Whereas the Panchayat should take 62.50 paise for providing clean water at the rural rate. 

Subodh Jha further told that Bagbera Colony was established in 1954. Employees of Housing Board and employees Tube Division of Tata Steel, Incab and Bihar Transport have been residing in allotted Bagbera Housing Colony since 1959.

“At that time the system of clean drinking water was available. The bill for electricity and water are charged at urban rate. . Therefore, all these areas should be included under the municipality,” said Subodh Jha.

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