Monday, August 8, 2022

Sheyn tiny tots enjoy monsoon showers

Jamshedpur, July 22: With the monsoon taking its full effect, the tiny tots of Sheyn international school were in all fervor on Saturday. They came out with their colorful umbrellas and beautiful raincoats on to embrace the rejuvenating raindrops.

The kindergarten seemed to enjoy themselves a lot after a continuous onslaught of heat waves. The sultry and scorching summer days have now come to an end as dark clouds shower their blessings.

It was all the more pleasurable to see the charming faces giggling to the jingles of the rain. Nevertheless children were also made precautious about consequences of heavy rainfall, such as floods etc. They were also asked to take care of their health as this is the time children catch flu and virus.

It was children’s day out in the school where all shed their worries and enjoyed the graces of rain.

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