Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Sheyn students visit Serakiela Palace

Jamshedpur: The students of Sheyn International School visited Serakiela Palace on an outdoor educational trip which is part of British Council Programme.
The students of Std. IX visited the palace of King Vikram Pratap Singh, in the Seraikela District. The aim of the project is to study the history of the state and to preserve and restore the archeological sources which give knowledge about the lives of ancient people and monuments. Also children took oath to preserve old heritage of our country.
The students were curious and enthusiastic to know about the historic background of the king and the emergence of their province. Children came back collecting art effects and learning about the cultural heritage, political system, princely background and the sagas of the palace. The programme was conducted under the vigilance of School Principal Manuj Sharma and Vice-Principal Pushpa Bhalla. Both appreciated the effort and extended good wishes to the students.

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