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Session on safer, smarter schools in city today


Jamshedpur, Nov. 16: No priority is as important as ensuring the safety of our nation’s children. And this is more critical than in our s schools – the erstwhile havens of safety, learning and growth for our children.

The recent deaths, injuries, rapes and abuses of children in schools have underscored the need for better school child safety standards, closer monitoring of the safety of children, scrupulous screening of school staff, stronger enforcement of safety standards, active participation of parents in the safety of their children, and increased use of training and technology to improve school child safety.

Increasingly the need for safe schools is becoming self evident.  UNICEF reports that 19 out of 100,000 children in India die of safety-related accidents – the highest in the world. 

The WHO reports that 41% of deaths of children are because of a lack of road transportation safety – again the highest in the world. And yet we avert our eyes to the travesty that is child safety in schools across India. The recent incidents of rape and physical abuse reported in schools of Bangalore and other Metros has compelled schools to revisit the safety and security practices followed by them.

To address some these critical issues, CII Jharkhand along with CII Institute of Quality is organizing a session on ‘Making Schools Safer and Smarter’ for School Leadership Team (school management committee members, principals, administration staff) and this would be conducted by Dr. A Senthil Kumaran, principal counsellor and head, CII Institute of Quality, Bangalore .

This must-attend session on ‘Making Schools Safer and Smarter’ will help Schools to assess and understand the status of their campus and overcome potential risks.

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