Sunday, March 7, 2021

Series of activities mark ‘Ganit Week’ at SDSM School

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Jamshedpur, Dec. 22: In order to commemorate the 129th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Srinivas Aiyangar Ramanujan, SDSM School for Excellence celebrated ‘Ganit Week’ from 16 to 22 December.

The school conducted various activities such as Mathematics Relay Race for Class IV where the winner was Fire family. The students of Std.VI-VIII involved themselves in solving Mathematical puzzles such as solving Rubik’s cube and creating magic squares in their respective classes.

An interactive activity based sessions was organized for students of IX-XII on various topics like Mathematics in Nature, Architecture, Pascal’s triangle, Vedic Mathematics. Quiz Competition was organized for each grade where the winner was Fire family. The members of the winning family was Souvar Kumar, IX-A, Anand Kumar Pandey, X-A, Adarsh Kumar, XI-A, Sushil Kumar Verma, XII-A.

The school also organized Mathematical Games such as Sudoku and Kakuro for Std.VI-VIII and IX-XII. Innovative projects on Mathematics such as the Golden Ratio was also organized. The week with an exhibition of all projects and activities was taken up during the week.

These activities are suggestive in nature and the school encouraged innovating and organizing similar activities. The programme was co-ordinated under the supervision of the Maths Co-ordinator Mrs. Aparna Roy.

The Principal Mrs. Shyamali Virdi, Vice Principal Mrs. Ragini Singh, and School Co-ordinator Mrs. Meera Pal encouraged the students and motivated the students by saying that such activities will reduce the fear of Mathematics and make its study more interesting amongst students.

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