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SER running special trains during Diwali, Chhath


Kolkata, Nov. 13: With a view to clear extra rush of passengers during Diwali and Chhat Puja, South Eastern Railway is running Festival Special Trains towards different destinations and major cities of Western, Southern and Eastern India.

Special Trains include-02867/02868 Howrah-Puducherry-Howrah Special, 02877/02878    Howrah-Ernakulam-Howrah Special, 02847/02848 Howrah-Digha-Howrah Special, 02829/02830 Howrah-Tatanagar-Howrah Special, 02837/02838 Howrah-Puri-Howrah Special, 02804/02803 Howrah-Ranchi-Howrah Special, 02817/02818     Santragachi-Pune-Santragachi Special, 02812/02811 Hatia- Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (Mumbai)- Hatia Special, 02835/02836 Hatia-Yesvantpur-Hatia Special, 02889/02890 Tatanagar-Yesvantpur-Tatanagar Special, 08305/08306 Howrah-Sambalpur-Howrah Special, 02642/02641 Shalimar-Thiruvananthapuram-Shalimar Special, 02665/02666 Howrah-Kanniyakumari-Howrah Special, 02873/02874 Howrah-Yesvantpur-Howrah Special, 02849/02850 Ranchi-Patna-Ranchi Special, 02832/02831 Ranchi-Jaynagar-Ranchi Special, 02872/02871 Tatanagar-Patna-Tatanagar Special, 05021/05022       Shalimar-Gorakhpur-Shalimar Special, 08181/08182 Tatanagar-Chhapra-Tatanagar Special, 02821/02822 Ranchi-Jaynagar-Ranchi Special, 02881/02882 Ranchi- Jaynagar-Ranchi Special, 08624/08623  Hatia-Islampur-Hatia Special, 08626/08625 Hatia-Purnia-Hatia Special, 08183/08184 Tatanagar-Danapur-Tatanagar Special, 02364/02363 Ranchi-Patna-Ranchi Special, 08225/08226 Hatia-Lokmanya Tilak Termineus-Hatia Special, 08255/08256 Ranchi-Patna-Ranchi Special and 08635/08634 Ranchi-Sasaram-Ranchi Special

The details of these Special Trains are available at NTES (National Train Enquiry System). These festival specials are fully reserved and special charges will be levied. Booking and reservation of tickets can be done through IRCTC and PRS counters.

Passengers are requested to strictly observe the COVID-19 Health Protocols before and during the journey.

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