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Seminar on Sustainable Devp in Production Engg concludes

‘Use earth heat exchanger in place of conventional AC for environment conservation’

Jamshedpur, July 17: The Institution of Engineers (India), Jamshedpur Local Centre organised All India seminar on “Major Advances and Sustainable Development in Production Engineering” in the institute’s premises. The second day event began two Key note lectures and paper presentation.
Dr. A K Choudhary, faculty of NIT Jamshedpur spoke on the topic Sustainable development.

Dr. Choudhary emphasized that there is a need to conserve our precious natural resources by adopting a sustainable life style.

He cited many case studies regarding adverse effect on environment because of unmindful exploitation of natural resources. He further said that each one of us must contribute to protect our environment from increasing population and it should be converted in to a mass movement through greater public awareness.

Another Key note speaker on the day was Dr. R V Sharma, professor of Mechanical Engg, NIT, Jamshedpur. Prof Sharma spoke on the topic ‘Global warming and green effect’. He discussed the parameters and activities responsible for increasing greenhouse effect.

He again stressed that all the citizens and the country has to change their life style. The greenhouse effect was discussed by him and one of the unique suggestions of Prof. Sharma was to use earth heat exchanger in place of conventional air conditioner.

Dr. Shalendra Kumar, Organising Secretary, said, the research scholars from various institutions like ISM Dhanbad, NIT Jamshedpur, RVS to name a few and industries like Tata Technologies, Tata Motors, Tata Steel etc. presented their research papers.

He informed that topics of and paper included composite materials, friction arc welding, dimensional analysis and measurement of raw materials, cloud conversion, Digitizing industrial safely practices, collaborative design review prototype life cycle management, innovative way of welding, tooling life cycle management, Billet number punch , sustainable development and blast furnace etc.

Besides above, ways to improve manufacturing sector conditions were also discussed.

At the end of the seminar certificates and memento were distributed amongst to participants.

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