Saturday, October 23, 2021

SCCI election: Opposition faction demands change in election venue

Jamshedpur, Sept 9: Things are setting heated up as countdown begins for Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) election on September 22.

The opposition side led by presidential candidate Alok Choudhary along with Prabhakar Singh and Nandkishore Agarwal in a letter to election officials has suggested them proposals to make the election process more convenient. According to opposition, there is no parking facility in the chamber Bhawan and not more than 20 vehicles can be parked outside.

The venue of the election is very small seeing the number of members who will cast their votes. They requested the officials to hold elections at big venue where there is parking facility.

The opposition through the letter also said that the time of election is 12 pm to 5 pm which would be less for 1380 members to cast their votes in 5 hours and asked them to increasing the time from 10 am to 7 pm so that all members can easily vote.

Every voter should be photographed as several have their name in the electoral list and have I.D card issued by the chamber but they are not proprietors of any firm nor they are partners of a company. The opposition group also asked the election officers to clear about the AGM timings on September 22 as in newspapers it’s published 10.30 am while in AGM notice it is 9.30 am.

The rival faction also said that voters shouldn’t face any issue while casting their votes. Arrangements should be made for sitting of representatives of Candidates during the counting. They also requested for single entry and single exit.

Giving priority to senior citizens there should be different counters for them. The opposition also told the election officials about serial number on ballot papers and ballot papers should be handed over to voters after getting their signature.

The opposition faction expressed hope that the election process will be conducted with full transparency while they urged the election officials to look into the matter stated above.

Prabhakar Singh said that no outside person should be allowed inside other than the members, and with people sitting in the post for more than two decades should give new people a chance.

We will have to make Chamber more effective in the interest of the businessmen and to add more members to the working committee, added Singh.

He further said that members have been disappointed with the work of the Chamber. Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), a leading representative body of entrepreneurs and small industrial houses based in the Kolhan division, is all set for the election of its new committee.

The election will conclude on September 22 with the polling.

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