Friday, December 1, 2023

SC ruling in Rafale deal decisive, Rahul should apologize

Jamshedpur: �Rahul Gandhi should apologize for playing with national security and misleading the nation with lies. He should also apologize to the defense personnel. He has lied to the people to gain fleeting political advantage by casting baseless aspersions on the Modi government,� observed JB Tubid, the BJP state spokesman at a media meet on the Rafale deal agreement, organized at the party�s district headquarter in Sakchi.

Coming down heavily on the Congress, Tubid said that the Supreme Court decision that no irregularities were found in the Rafale deal. �The SC ruling is decisive and there is no scope for doubt. �The Congress had filed four separate petitions in the Supreme Court primarily on the process of building the aircrafts, the cost of the deal and selection of the offset partner which were meaningless. The apex court while rejecting the petitions observed that there was no need for investigation in the Rafale deal,� Tubid pointed out.

The BJP state spokesman said that after the Supreme Court�s judgment, the Congress was haplessly trying to create a blockade in the deal. He demanded Rahul Gandhi�s resignation from his Lok Sabha post for engaging in politics of selfishness and lies. �Rahul Gandhi lied to the nation and the defense services for he should apologize immediately,� JB Tubid added.

The BJP has sought answers from the Congress on issues like what were the sources from which the Congress and Rahul Gandhi get information based on which lies were spread blatantly; in 2007, the UPA government had started the process of finalizing the Rafale deal but why did the Manmohan Singh government and Sonia Gandhi unable to finalize the deal between 2007 and 2014; who is responsible for the delay in the deal; why did the Congress led central government did not do a government to government deal; when will the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi seek apology from the nation for harping on lies and by what date.

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