Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Saryu Rai wants to capture power in Hanuman Mandir through lies: Appu Tiwari

Jamshedpur, Dec 5: Members of Shri Shri Hanuman Mandir Nirman Samiti informed media that in the media news are being fed that temple construction work has been done by Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Rai and his supporters which is wrong.

“Whereas in the police station it was said by them that now we will build as much as you have done. Whose full video is graphed and has also been told in front of the district administration. After the second incident, Saryu Rai is bent on spoiling the atmosphere of the city by naming the temple committee as Raghubar faction. While Rakesh Sahu and Surendra Sharma are the office bearers of Congress party and Appu Tiwari is the district spokesperson of AJSU, Sonu Singh is a JMM leader, Harish Rai has been a supporter of Saryu Rai and Chintu Singh is a Hindu wing leader, so in what capacity Raghubar became a member of the faction,” alleged Appu Tiwari and Rakesh Sahu on behalf of the temple committee.

Appu Tiwari further alleged that Saryu Rai intends to snatch the land under the guise of this temple and mislead the people while his real intention is to indulge in creating friction among the members and create law and order problem. The district administration has stopped the temple construction due to pressure from Saryu Rai.

“ If Saryu and his supporters have installed even one brick, give proof, on the other hand, what is the definition of local, it should also be clarified that Surendra Sharma is an outsider, Rakesh Sahu is an external, Dhurv Mishra is an external, Hemant Sahu is an outsider. If Saryu wants us to go to jail for the sake of temple we are prepared for this sacrifice,” said Rakesh Sahu.

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