Thursday, March 23, 2023

Saryu Rai keen to launch ‘Aakashganga’ project in Jamshedpur West


Jamshedpur, May 24: In the current era of water scarcity, the experts have successfully tried to give moisture present in the atmosphere a form of drinking water. ‘Aakashganga,’ a drinking water project has been started with this aim.

The project will be more successful in the region where moisture level in the air is high. The machine built at the standard of 80 percent relative humidity and 32°C temperature is being used in several places of the country for making water from air.

Representatives of Aakashganga India Private Limited, which has claimed of giving moisture present in the atmosphere a form drinking water for 10 liters to 165 liters and above thousands liters per day capacity of several models, met state food and civil supplies minister Saryu Rai recently and informed him about the project.

The headquarters of the company is in Chennai. TM Shyam Sundar, managing director of the company showed a presentation to the minister. Minister informed the company officials to provide the information about the project in Urban Development Department, School Education Department and Health Department.

Minister Rai also wrote a letter to chief secretary Rajbala Verma about the Aakashganga’s initiative of making water from wind.

The minister further said that if the project is helpful for Jharkhand then low cost pure drinking water can be made available at lesser price than the packaged drinking water available in the market. Rai showed keen interest in implement the project on an experiment basis in his constituency.

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