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Santali short film, ‘Inji Jotao’ to be released on YouTube on Sept 8

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Jamshedpur, Sept 6: Ambitious Santali short film, ‘Inji Jotao,’ directed by debutante Anita Besra under Besra Biti Creative banner in association with Mardi Brothers will be released on YouTube on Wednesday, September 8. The film that celebrates friendship and underlines the essence that friendship is beyond the holds of seasons, has been shot extensively in Jamshedpur. The poster of the film was released online jointly by guests Bindu Rani Besra, Phulmuni Mardi and Singo Baskey. It was attended by Anita Besra, Sabita Tudu, Sukhdev Mardi, Arjun Kisku, Punam Hembram, Asish S Mardi, Kishan Kachchhap, Durga Tudu, Surendra Tudu, Sunny Kisku and Devendra Nath Hansda. This celluloid representation endeavors to depict Friendship de novo in the contemporary scenario.

‘Inji Jatao’ has been produced by Pranita Besra with Sunil Baskey as the executive producer. “The special feature about the narrative is that we have attempted to showcase Friendship in a completely new angle and yet people will be able to relate to it. The film emphasises on values of Friendship and handling the thought processes in relationships.” said Anita Besra, the debutante Director from Hyderabad.
The locales in Jamshedpur include Haludbani Dungritola, Karandih LBSM College, Kinudih, Marchagoda, Damudih and Paharbhanga. CM Marandi, Arjun Kisku and Punam Hembram play the lead roles in the short film. Cinematographers Durga Tudu and Rahit Marandi have added depth to the perception of the storyline. The Production Managers are Asish S Mardi and Sugdev Mardi of Mardi Brothers Initiative. The post production has been executed by Amiya Bindhani, CM Marandi, Rahit Marandi and Bikash Nayak of MayurbhanjFX.

Olchiki fonts have been used in the poster to encourage and support “Olchiki Mission 2025.”

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